Reset Your Mind & Tackle Anxiety Simultaneously

Do you deal with #anxiety? If so, know that it is your thoughts that create your emotions. Anxiety is either worry over future things or ruminating over past experiences. The key is to learn to become present-focused as much as you can.

Science says that if you can maintain a present focus for 7-10 minutes, you can reset the chemistry in your brain. Staying focused on the present is like taking your foot off of the accelerator and allowing your brain to rest and do any repairs that are needed.

How do you do this? Well, first know it is not done with perfection. Our minds will not do it perfectly. Thoughts of the future or the past will slip in, but the key is to gently push them out and regain your focus on the present.

Try this simple exercise:

Set a timer (put it on vibrate...just trust me on this 😜 the alarm can be quite unsettling) for 2 minutes, close your eyes and pay attention to only what you hear. Experience what you are hearing as if it is the first time you have heard these sounds. If your mind drifts, just gently bring it back to thinking about what you hear. Do this for the full 2 minutes.

When the timer goes off, reset it for another 2 minutes and focus on touch. How does your body feel? What does it feel like to sit in your chair? What do your fingers feel? Is any of your muscles tight? Can you feel the carpet under your feet, etc.? Try to experience what you feel as if it is the first time you have felt these sensations.

Do the same thing with your other three senses: smell, taste (real or imagined), and sight. After you have done this with each of your 5 senses for 2 minutes each, you just practiced being fully present for 10 minutes.

Check-in with yourself and see if you can feel a difference. Do you feel less anxious? Most people report feeling calmer, more at peace, and a more clear mind. This is a perfect thing to do to break a pattern of anxious thinking or right before you go to bed or right before you write a paper.

I hope this helps. It has helped me a lot.

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