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Are you a mental health professional or coach who works with clients? What if there was a tool that told you an ample amount of information regarding your client's mental health? What if your client's brain was able to tell you what was driving her depression, anxiety, and/or emotional dysregulation? 


j2i Coaching Center is trained and certified in Right Brain Therapy. RBT is an innovative coaching/therapy technique that leverages the brain's ability to tell on itself. The client colors an electronic brain map that interprets twenty different areas of the client's brain function. This analysis conveys how well the brain is functioning in areas of identity, perception, relational abilities, emotional regulation, functioning, motivation, and more. This tool can detect addictions, obsessive thinking, PTSD, sexual trauma, negative childhood influences, hormonal imbalances, somatic symptoms, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. 

This interpretation often gives words to issues the client is unaware of and is at the root of his concerns. This gives a framework for the practitioner to develop the most appropriate therapeutic plan that targets the heart of the matter. Plus, RBT takes a non-intrusive, non-invasive gentle approach to resolving trauma. The brain map can be revisited at a later date to see the progression that the client is making and to discover the next issue the brain is ready to tackle in therapy. 

How does it work?

As the therapist/coach, you make an appointment for one of our RBT practitioners to meet with you and your client. Our practitioner has your client color a brain map in an app on our tablet. Once a client colors a brain map, the interpretation is given to both your client and you. We make sure to answer any of your questions as well as your clients. Then you either decide what therapeutic technique you want to use as an intervention or we can collaborate with you on developing a customized treatment plan for your client. If you should choose the latter, this would take place privately outside of the client's session.

The initial consultation includes:

  • One of our RBT Practitioners meeting with you and your client

  • Your client colors the brain map on our electronic app

  • Our RBT Practitioner reads the interpretation and checks for confirmation with your client with you present

  • A readout of the interpretation is emailed to you and your client.

  • The whole consultation takes 20-40 minutes. 

The benefits to the therapist/coach:

  • Receive a wealth of information in 30 minutes that would take at least a couple of months in traditional therapy or coaching to gather.

  • Know with the confidence the core issues (with your client's confirmation) that need to be targeted in therapy

  • Your client stays your client.

  • You look like a Rock Star for having the knowledge of such innovative technology.

  • When you hit a roadblock in session, schedule us back to do another brain map to jump-start your therapeutic plan again.

  • Costs you nothing, because you can pass the cost on to your client. 

What then?

Our RBT Practitioners are here whenever you need us. We do not want to tell you how to help your client. 

RBT is a lot more than just a tool to look inside your client's brain. RBT is a therapy model that leverages the creativity of the right side of the brain to help rewire it. The whole theory is based on neuroplasticity and using creativity as the vehicle to bring about healing and a sense of wellbeing. 

As a coach/therapist, you can choose to hire us for initial consultations with your client(s) or utilize us to co-collaborate in creating and troubleshooting a treatment plan(s). You can make our consultations as something you offer to all your clients or just bring us in on your more challenging cases. Whatever your needs may be, we are looking forward to helping you get to the root of your clients' issues.

Who created Right Brain Therapy?

RBT was created by Dr. Jerry Mungadze and who has a track record of helping trauma victims for over 20 years. For more information on Right Brain Therapy click here. To schedule a consult with one of our trained and certified coaches, email us.

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